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  • i have some upcoming traveling for weddings and i will also have time for some engagement session, portraits shoots or honeymoon photography!
    i'm coming to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA in april and then i'll be in ITALY in late june/early july. my full travel schedule is down here below
    and if you are close by and want me to shoot you, with my camera that is, send me a little note and we'll make it work!

    SWEDEN, stockholm - march 2014
    CALIFORNIA, bay area + LA - april 2014
    SWEDEN, stockholm - june 2014
    ITALY, amafli coast - june 2014
    CALIFORNIA, sonoma - june 2014
    GEORGIA, atlanta - june 2014
    ITALY, amafli coast - july 2014
    ITALY, tuscany - july 2014
    SWEDEN, stockholm - august 2014


coming up for air inbetween photographing weddings, delivering photos, scheduling fall engagement session in New York City, booking new weddings for 2015, trying to keep up with my inbox that fills up faster than i can keep up… yepp, it’s the busiest season for wedding photographers and one of my recent adventures can be viewed on VOUGE (click here to view)  and the latest GOOP newslette (click here to view) right now. while you are enjoying that i’m diving back into my inbox…



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