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  • i have some upcoming traveling for weddings and i will also have time for some engagement session, portraits shoots or honeymoon photography!
    i'm coming to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA in april and then i'll be in ITALY in late june/early july. my full travel schedule is down here below
    and if you are close by and want me to shoot you, with my camera that is, send me a little note and we'll make it work!

    SWEDEN, stockholm - march 2014
    CALIFORNIA, bay area + LA - april 2014
    SWEDEN, stockholm - june 2014
    ITALY, amafli coast - june 2014
    CALIFORNIA, sonoma - june 2014
    GEORGIA, atlanta - june 2014
    ITALY, amafli coast - july 2014
    ITALY, tuscany - july 2014
    SWEDEN, stockholm - august 2014


i still remember my very first wedding in california. i had been dying for years to shoot in that marvelous californian sun and to say that i was excited was an big understatement. outdoor reception, the cutest couple, a day after session on the beach… and when the wedding weekend finally arrived, it poured. not drizzling, not raining – pouring. the couple was the coolest ever and they got soaked during out day after session while getting amazing rain shots. but i must say, this native Swede goes to california with sun in her mind.
that’s why i’m so excited to announce that not only am i going to be in Napa in june to photograph a wedding (still have time for one more portrait/engagement session!) but i can now offer weddings in the bay area without charging any travel fee!! whopedi-do-da!! perfect for all my bi-coastal couple who wants an engagement session in New York but is getting married in California, and this swede will get her regular doze of sun.
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i’m a hugger. i’ve always been, and i kinda hug everyone i can. people who need their personal space might want to run because i will hug you. if so just an arm if that’s all i can get a hold off. i like kisses too. warm, big and wet kisses are all welcome on my cheeks. and now also squared and flush mounted kisses! yepp, i found myself a new album supplier and i couldn’t be more excited. the albums are absolutely stunning and their name fits right in with me – K.I.S.S.

the albums lays flat, have nice thick pages, real leather covers in tons of yummy colors. perfect for the engagement session, parent album, sign in guest books and wedding albums. every time i deliver one to a client i’m so proud to display my images so beautifully that i need to run back and order a copy for myself. every. time.

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i can picture myself old and wizened, sitting on my porch in a white swing with my hubby next to me and our ridiculously cute grandkids next to us telling them “when grandma was young…” explaining that i was 13 when i got my first email address and 15 when i got my first cell phone. and when they giggle hysterically when they realize how old i am i will pull up my film camera and snap a photo of them. because even if their cool grandma now know how to use all the latest digital devices she will still love her film camera more than anything. and apparently she/i’m not alone! i was so excited to read in the latest issue of Martha Steward Weddings magazine next to the listing of the top 69 wedding photographers in the world that 68% of them shoot film! horray to all us film lovers!


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